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We have received some questions about data collection using the progress monitoring tools on SLP Toolkit. Lisa wrote an awesome blog post about the different types of measurement tools and accuracy of data, but I wanted to quickly address the difference between data collection and progress monitoring:

The progress monitoring tools on SLP Toolkit do not replace therapeutic data. Regular data collection is necessary for determining if adjustments need to be made in therapy. The progress monitoring tools are an efficient and effective way of assessing performance for progress reports. If you are using these tools to measure progress you will want to adjust your goal to reflect this. So instead of writing 'SLP created data sheets' as the measurement tool you would write Criterion Referenced Tests or Rubrics and then how often you are required to report data (per grading period, quarterly, etc).

Student will name a category that 3 target words belong to when given no prompting/support scoring 80% accuracy as measured by a Criterion Referenced Test per grading period.

The beauty of using the progress monitoring tools is when it is time to write the progress note you can quickly assess using the tool on any device you own! No more having to compile or look for resources to assess. Everything is in the same place and easy to take with you wherever you go!


P.S. We love the feedback we have received...keep it coming :)

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