SLP Toolkit

Show Me the Data!

The word "advocate" in conjunction with an IEP team meeting strikes fear in the heart of every Speech Language Pathologist. And for good reason. If you've ever sat in a meeting with an advocate, it feels like you're a defendant on trial. But instead of innocent until proven guilty, it

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First Week of School

It's that time of year. . .already! Kind of bittersweet, right? The beginning of the school year is the best because you are refreshed, highly motivated and actually have some time to think! But we are also mourning the end of summer. And wasn't last summer the best? (I think I

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Inventory Your Speech Materials Digitally

Have you ever purchased a book you already have? Ever found a resource on your bookshelf and thought, “Oh - this would have been helpful a couple months ago...I wish I knew I had it”? Have you ever searched for an activity on TpT because it was easier to

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