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"SLP Toolkit is my new favorite thing of all the SLP things! Made writing progress reports SO easy, but also a great way to get present levels and identify areas of need! Thanks Sarah and Lisa for creating it, this is a game changer!" - Jenn Alcorn, Crazy Speech World

"SLP Toolkit is perfect for the busy SLP that wants to stay organized and efficient. I love that I can import my caseload into SLP Toolkit as well as progress monitor them all in one place! It's pretty cool to have goals ready to go in every area. SLP Toolkit allows me to add my own custom goals, print out data on my student's progress and find accommodations for students easily!" - Felice Clark, The Dabbling Speechie

"SLP Toolkit has become my SECRET WEAPON against the paperwork debacle. It allows me to quickly and efficiently monitor my student’s progress and know that the data is consistent. I love the comment section in order to note either behavior or attention affected the data. The Present Level Assessments have helped my present level statements to be thorough and make writing new goals faster. I can’t wait to continue using SLP Toolkit and figure out other ways it can help me to be a better SLP." -Lauren M.

SLP Toolkit just made me so happy. Becoming a new SLP is overwhelming to begin with. This just gave me the confidence to know that I can do this. Thank you so much!!! -Cristianna

"I think my jaw dropped to the floor. Where has this been my whole life?" -Terri M.

"OMG. I so need this. This is amazing. I love it." -Rebecca A.

"It's basically everything an SLP uses all in one website. It has a huge goal bank, a strategies bank which gives you lots of ways to help your students meet their goals, progress monitoring tools, present level assessment probes, rubrics, etc. Pretty much everything we use, except all in one location." -Kayla R.

"I am in LOVE! I have general education as well as self-contained students on my caseload. I was part of the focus group during the development of the app, and have had time to explore all of the features. After I used the present level assessment tool with the first student, I had a much more comprehensive picture of his current areas of strengths and weaknesses. It was quick, easy to do, and helped me generate some goal ideas. Then I discovered the goal generating section. AMAZING!!! Using the goal generating section lets you generate SMART goals making sure you have all of the necessary components. You can use the skill areas that are included or type your own goal. The strategies section is great for generating accommodations that our students need. I am telling you, using SLP Toolkit cut my IEP writing in half!! I don't know about you but this time of year is getting to be ridiculously busy with IEPs. I think if you use it for one month you will definitely find it is worth the $19.00. They are continuously doing updates and adding new features to make this app even better! Give it a try. This is the only time in my 12 year career as an SLP that I am looking forward to doing more IEPs just so I can use this app!!!" -Melissa S.