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It has been a little over a week since ASHA ended, and we are still processing it :) It was a whirlwind event and one we will never forget! We made so many new friends and felt the love of everyone around us. This was our first time exhibiting at a

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/R/ you kidding me?

When I found myself in the elementary setting for the first time, there was nothing more painful than inheriting 8 IEPs with /r/ goals. In looking at previous IEPs, the student usually had been working on the sound for at least a couple of years, and had made no progress.

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Advocates and the SLP

The word "advocate" in conjunction with an IEP team meeting strikes fear in the heart of every Speech Language Pathologist. And for good reason. If you've ever sat in a meeting with an advocate, it feels like you're a defendant on trial. But instead of innocent until proven guilty, it

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