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I've been an SLP for almost 20 yrs & have worked in TN, the USVI, AZ & CA. I've completed a 1/2 marathon, skydived, skied, bungee jumped, paraglided & scuba dived. I'm a rock star mom & entrepreneur.

Advocates and the SLP

The word "advocate" in conjunction with an IEP team meeting strikes fear in the heart of every Speech Language Pathologist. And for good reason. If you've ever sat in a meeting with an advocate, it feels like you're a defendant on trial. But instead of innocent until proven guilty, it

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Taking Charge of Your Caseload

A common concern among school-based SLPs is the ever-growing caseloads we face. This in conjunction with increased demands on when you can and cannot pull students for intervention translates into a scheduling nightmare. Often what happens is that SLPs will completely book all available school time with therapy sessions, leaving

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