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I've been an SLP for almost 20 yrs & have worked in TN, the USVI, AZ & CA. I've completed a 1/2 marathon, skydived, skied, bungee jumped, paraglided & scuba dived. I'm a rock star mom & entrepreneur.

Taking Charge of Your Caseload

A common concern among school-based SLPs is the ever-growing caseloads we face. This in conjunction with increased demands on when you can and cannot pull students for intervention translates into a scheduling nightmare. Often what happens is that SLPs will completely book all available school time with therapy sessions, leaving

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Behavior & the SLP

Let's be real - the first time you realize you were taught NOTHING about behavior management in graduate school is a sad moment. Whether it is an individual student, a small group in the speech room, or an entire classroom, expectations for student behavior must be clearly defined and established

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