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I've been an SLP for almost 20 yrs & have worked in TN, the USVI, AZ & CA. I've completed a 1/2 marathon, skydived, skied, bungee jumped, paraglided & scuba dived. I'm a rock star mom & entrepreneur.

Curriculum Based Therapy

We are so lucky to live in an age of technology. At any given moment, we can pull up a YouTube video to use to demonstrate and break down a social scenario, or go to Teachers Pay Teachers and search for specific skill areas we want to target like prepositions

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Focus on Time

"Can you bake some cookies for the staff meeting this Friday?" - "Jose's IEP meeting isn't due until next month but Christine wants to move it up to before break." - "I can't make my bike rack duty this week - can you fill in for me?" - "Mom -

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/R/ you kidding me?

When I found myself in the elementary setting for the first time, there was nothing more painful than inheriting 8 IEPs with /r/ goals. In looking at previous IEPs, the student usually had been working on the sound for at least a couple of years, and had made no progress.

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